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The result of such a procedure lasts between 6 to 8 weeks depending on your natural eyelash growth cycle. Please note that depending on the season, this may vary. We recommend maintaining your eyelash enhancement every 3 months for the lifting effect, and every 2-3 weeks for tinting.


Take care of your eyelashes!

Eyelash enhancement or Lashlift makes it possible to curl the natural eyelashes in order to awaken the eyes without the need to wear mascara. This technique is designed to curl and lift natural lashes without damaging them. During this treatment, a black tint is applied to give a darker tone to the natural eyelashes to make the result flawless.

Perfect for those in a hurry and lazy mascara, this technique allows you to have a luminous look and beautifully curled lashes without using an eyelash curler or even mascara every morning. The objective is to beautify and enlarge the look for a better look as soon as you wake up, even without makeup. The result obtained is very natural since it is simply a matter of curling your existing eyelashes.


  • Anyone whose natural eyelashes are too short, weakened or non-existent.

  • People with an eye infection must wait for recovery (conjunctivitis, stye, etc.).

  • People who have had eye or eyelid surgery must wait 6 months before performing this treatment or contact your doctor to obtain a prescription authorizing enhancement (if surgery less than 6 months old.

How long is a session?

Expect approximately 60 minutes of appointment time. This very relaxing treatment requires you to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the procedure.


  • Remove contact lenses, prefer to wear glasses for the day of your treatment.

  • Avoid wetting or applying makeup to the area for the next 24-48 hours.

  • Avoid saunas, steam baths, and swimming pools for the same duration.

  • Use only products without oil or its derivatives to prolong the duration of your eyelash enhancement.

  • Do not rub the area but rather gently sponge to dry, as for the eyelash extension port for example.

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