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Take care of your skin!

Your skin is your body's largest organ. It must therefore be given a lot of care since, in addition to its function of protection against external aggressions, it is responsible for several essential functions for your health.


The skin on your face is more exposed than the rest of your body to external aggressions such as pollution, the sun, extreme temperatures, wind, etc.

Several everyday things can contribute to his well-being, such as using products adapted to his skin type to properly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize his face. In addition, sunscreen should be used every day to protect the skin from the sun and slow down its aging.

The facial is a deep cleansing treatment that is suggested to be done at each change of season. A facial allows you, in addition to relaxing, to cleanse, purify, exfoliate and deeply nourish your skin.

During the appointment, we will assess your skin type in order to meet your needs and use the appropriate products to give you optimal results. During the facial, a chemical peel can be used to exfoliate your skin and remove any dead skin that has accumulated on your face. It is also possible to use a natural exfoliant to achieve this. Active serums will be used according to the needs of your skin, a mask and professional products will also be used.


We can advise you on the use of products specific to your skin type if you need advice in this regard. Maintenance at home is essential and allows you to maintain the results of the care that you can obtain in the clinic for longer. A peeling treatment may be suggested to improve certain skin problems. The purpose of peeling is to “peel”. It is therefore a treatment highly concentrated in acids which cleans and eliminates one or more superficial layers of the skin of the face.


This process helps to stimulate the production of collagen, to facilitate the regeneration of our epidermis, and this, while reducing or eliminating the appearance of certain disturbing imperfections such as fine lines, dilated pores, brown spots, blemishes and acne.

What are the benefits?

The beneficial effects of this treatment on our epidermis are so numerous that we quickly become adept. Who wouldn't want a product that tackles all (or almost!) minor skin irregularities?

  • Clear and even complexion

  • Healthy and hydrated skin

  • Boosted collagen

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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