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Sclerotherapy training

Training title

Training in sclerotherapy adapted to nursing practice

Date and time

Limited dates each month between the months of September to May


1001 rue Beaumont, Montreal, QC Médicart clinic office 205.

Parking on site $2/hour or $15/day. In front of the L’Acadie Metro station.

Trainer or instructor

Rachel Emard is a clinical nurse and learned the specialty of sclerotherapy in 2016. Since then, she has perfected her skills with several experienced phlebologists in addition to the additional information she has acquired independently. In addition to her years of practice in an emergency room in Montreal and her practice as a navigator nurse in oncology, Rachel has also taught nursing at college and has a passion for passing on her knowledge.

Training aims

1. Understand the anatomy of the venous system;

2. Understand the action of sclerosing treatment;

3. Know the side effects, complications, indications and contraindications of this type of treatment;

4. Evaluate the venous condition of a patient;

5. Know the CEAP classification, terms specific to phlebology/sclerotherapy;

6. Carry out safe treatment and plan the required treatment plan;

7. Know the other possible treatments and specialists in this area

Training content

Content of the theoretical training:

-Presentation of the training and the trainer;

-Presentation and comparison of specific sclerotherapy/phlebology terms;

-Varicose veins: definition, anatomy, specific terms;

-Treatment specification for nursing practice;

-Legal aspects of sclerotherapy practice;

-Basic CEAP classification;

-Target clientele: epidemiology, risk factors. ;

-Improve the venous condition without treatment;

-Indications and contraindications of treatment;

-Other treatments available for chronic venous disease;

-Sclerosing agents: classes, specifications, dosage, preparation, storage, suppliers;

-Possible side effects of treatment;

-Possible complications of treatment;

-Client education: before, during and after treatment;

-Myths and realities of sclerotherapy;

-Establish a realistic treatment plan;

-Materials required for practice;

-Essential documents and their mandatory content;

Content of the group observation day:

-Observe the preparation/dilution of sclerosing agents;

-Prepare/dilute sclerosing agents;

-Observe the procedure suggested for evaluating the venous condition in several models;

-Observe different techniques for intravenous injections of the lower limbs with sclerosing agents;

-Learn to select the right sclerosant according to the characteristics of the veins evaluated;

-Observe the use of devices such as infrared light and/or optical fiber;

-Manipulate the available equipment to become familiar with it;

-Observe the documentation to be completed during a sclerotherapy treatment.

-Summary exam of the theory (30min).

Content of the individual practice day:

-Put into practice the knowledge acquired during training on 4 to 5 models to assess clients with chronic venous disease, choose the appropriate treatment, provide sclerosing injections, complete the mandatory documentation. All under the supervision of the teacher.

Target audience

Nurse active member of the OIIQ

Registration details

Registration by email at


$5,000 plus applicable taxes

Necessary material

Uniforms during practice. All other materials required for learning are provided during the training. The equipment required for practice subsequently is detailed during the training as well as different suppliers.

For more information please contact us by email, Facebook or telephone!

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