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Ear washing

Take care of your ears!

We offer an ear cleaning service carried out by our qualified and experienced nurse. This procedure is designed to safely remove excess wax accumulated in the ear canal, promoting clear and comfortable hearing. This treatment does not require any prior medical prescription.

Earwax blockages can cause several discomforts and symptoms, including:

  • Decreased hearing: A wax blockage can block the ear canal, leading to decreased hearing. This can make it difficult to hear sounds and cause a blocked ear sensation.

  • Clogged Ear Feeling: Earwax buildup can make the ear feel blocked or full, which can be uncomfortable and disturbing.

  • Pain or Pressure: In some cases, a wax blockage can put pressure on the eardrum, causing pain or a feeling of pressure in the ear.

  • Dizziness: Earwax blockages can disrupt the normal balance of the inner ear, which can lead to feelings of dizziness or vertigo.

  • Itching: Earwax buildup can irritate the sensitive skin inside the ear canal, causing itching and discomfort.

  • Tinnitus: In some cases, earwax blockages can lead to tinnitus, which is auditory noises heard in the ear, such as ringing, ringing or ringing.

  • Ear infections: Earwax plugs can create an environment for bacteria to grow, increasing the risk of outer ear infections (otitis externa).

It is important to treat earwax blockages as soon as they cause uncomfortable symptoms. Professional ear washing performed by a qualified nurse may be recommended to safely remove earwax buildup and relieve associated symptoms.

Prior assessment

Before ear washing, our nurse conducts a preliminary assessment to determine the necessity and safety of the procedure. This evaluation usually includes a visual inspection of the ear for any signs of infection or damage.

Preparation and Explanation

Once the assessment has been completed, our nurse explains the ear washing process to the client, addressing any questions and concerns that may arise to ensure optimal comfort and peace of mind.

Gentle and Effective Washing

Ear washing is carried out using specialist equipment and professional techniques. The infusion of lukewarm water into the ear canal softens the earwax, followed by delicate evacuation using a controlled irrigation device designed for this purpose. A small curette can be used to remove clumps of earwax that are dislodged from the ear canal.

Monitoring and Comfort

Throughout the procedure, our nurse carefully monitors the client for any signs of discomfort or complications. Precautions are taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the guest at all times.

Post-Procedure Advice

After ear washing, advice is given to the client on how to care for their ears at home and what signs to look out for. Personalized recommendations can also be provided based on the customer's specific hearing needs.

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