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We proudly recommend health and beauty professionals for their exceptional expertise and interpersonal skills. Their extensive training and industry-leading experience allows them to provide the highest quality care, with a personalized approach tailored to each client. Beyond their technical expertise, these health and aesthetic professionals are distinguished by their sincere compassion, their attentive listening and their deep empathy towards each client. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a warm, respectful and safe care experience at each stage of my clients' health journey is a value shared with the professionals we offer you. The professionals mentioned offer services that we do not provide, and no financial link exists between us. However, we place our complete trust in them, having used their services ourselves. They will be there to support you towards better health and optimal well-being.

Stone Balancing

With Marie-Claude Cote

Coaching is personalized support aimed at improving the skills and performance of an individual, group or organization. Coaching allows the client to obtain the co-construction adapted to his situation. During coaching sessions, the life coach uses different techniques to help his client progress. The life coach ensures that the client takes action regularly in order to get closer to his goals. This is how requests are given regularly in order to accelerate the achievement of objectives. Our coach can help you in several areas of your personal or professional life in order to push you to the best of yourself.

SOA Coach (solution-oriented approach)

I have developed my expertise over my last 35 years in health and social services. Workplace trainer in several spheres. Teaching is for me a way of offering the next generation expertise focused on kindness and empathy.

My specialty in my workplace is behavior management through therapeutic activity. Throughout my expertise, I become passionate about the infinite capacity of human beings. So I added coaching to my expertise, I followed coaching training and several continuing training courses to keep my practice up to date.

Passionate about my mission to support you in your journey to well-being. I add involvement, action and motivation to multiply your satisfaction! I am especially passionate about the difference, that of others and that which I wish to make in the world, on this small planet where difference lacks love and peace. In my own world or that of others, I am passionate about evils and even more about words. I like to make words dance to the rhythm of a symphony to sweeten life with a bit of poetry! I combine human experiences and share my expertise with passion. Making a difference is for me one more step, anchored in my mission to change the world one heart at a time! I will be happy to co-create with you.

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