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What is Maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy is a deep massage technique that is done using wooden instruments, each with their own function. Traditional know-how from Colombia, maderotherapy is a massage technique that helps smooth skin texture and break down cellulite, thanks to the action of wooden tools. A remodeling massage that drains body and mind.
Maderotherapy can meet specific or global needs and varies according to each individual. It is therefore necessary to discuss your needs and expectations during your first appointment with the technician.


Maderotherapy effectively eradicates cellulite by destroying adipocytes. In addition, this technique allows a remodeling of the silhouette in the desired places, and this in a non-invasive way.

What are the benefits?

  • Tones and firms the skin.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Reduces the feeling of heavy leg.

  • Regulates lymphatic circulation.

  • Destroys fatty deposits.

  • Evacuates excess water in the tissues.

  • Reactivates the nervous system.

  • Relieves muscle tension.

  • Activates the production of collagen, elastin and vitamin E.

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