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Clinical Nurse

My varied expertise as an emergency nurse, pivot nurse in oncology, medico-aesthetic nurse and specialist in sclerotherapy, nursing teacher at Cégep and my various aesthetic and medico-aesthetic training gives me a range of knowledge to properly assess your condition. . Through Esthétisoins, I want to combine my passions for health and well-being to improve the care offered and combine different experts to achieve this.

Rachel Emard
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Clinical Nurse

A clinical nurse for 30 years, my first steps were taken in an emergency room where I developed expertise, tact and honorable clinical judgment, which greatly improved my practice. This allows me to offer a quality of safe care carried out according to the rules of the art. For almost nine years, I have been teaching this beautiful profession through which I have the opportunity to transmit my passion and my dedication.


Thanks to Esthétisoins, I am now moving towards medico-aesthetic care to promote my professional growth, to be at the forefront of the best technological processes for well-being. Since I have well-being and natural beauty at heart, my approach is warm, attentive, imbued with respect and integrity, and reaches everyone. With excellent communication, my welcome is personalized, an essential element in obtaining optimal results.

Gaëtane Allaire
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Body care technician

Well-Being is an essential feeling that is part of many spheres of my life in different ways. Through my work, I want to share this state of mind and help each person achieve this feeling. Being a mother of 4 children, offering comfort and happiness are part of my life, of me. Taking care of others comes naturally to me, it's part of my values and is reflected in my work as well. Aesthetics is a new path; all my certifications are recent and recognized.


My priority is to offer everyone appropriate care, in a soft and warm atmosphere.

Véronique Emard
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SOA Coach (solution oriented approach)

I have developed my expertise over the past 35 years in health and social services. Trainer in the workplace in several spheres. Teaching is for me a way of offering the next generation expertise based on benevolence and empathy.

My specialty in my workplace is behavior management through therapeutic activity. Throughout my expertise, I am passionate about the infinite capacity of human beings. So I added coaching to my expertise, I took coaching training and several continuing education courses to keep my practice up to date.

Passionate about my mission to accompany you in your approach to well-being. I add involvement, action and motivation to multiply your satisfaction! I am especially passionate about difference, that of others and that which I wish to make in the world, on this small planet where difference lacks love and peace. In my own world or that of others, I have a passion for evils and even more for words. I like to make the words dance to the rhythm of a symphony to sweeten life with a bit of poetry! I accumulate human experiences and share my expertise with passion. Making a difference is one more step for me, rooted in my mission to change the world one heart at a time! I will be happy to co-create with you.

Marie-Claude Côté



I have been a kinesiologist and personal trainer for more than 17 years and I have completed several training courses (TRX, weightlifting, etc.), running techniques and sports nutrition.  I am passionate about sports individuals and teams since I was young.  My passions are cycling, running and hiking.  During my career, I have worked with a diverse clientele: young, old, athletes, people who want to get back in shape, people with a disability or injury.

Whether your goal is to get in shape following an injury, to perform in a particular sport, to gain muscle mass, to reach a healthy weight, I can be your partner in order to achieve your goals with solutions adapted to your needs. your lifestyle.

Carine Nobert
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